By: PWHL Minnesota Media

April 15, 2024


Q – You played 4 varsity sports in high school!  How did you manage to stay on stop of academics and athletics with (what must have been) a full calendar?

Greco: It actually wasn’t too bad! Where I’m from, high school sports differed from competitive sports so the majority of the sports were just recreational. I like staying busy and active so I was always tried to play as many sports as I could!
Q – You were also a multi-sport athlete at Quinnipiac – was it hard to jump back into high-level soccer after playing hockey for 4 years?  What was the biggest challenge?
Greco: The hardest part about playing soccer again was definitely the running… I’m not much of a runner so that was definitely an adjustment. I’m also not a fan of running in the heat so that was also tough for me since it was a summer/fall sport.
Q – We assume hockey is your favorite sport, but how do the rest of them rank and why?
Greco: After hockey, my next favourite sports are soccer, pickle ball and beach volleyball. I like soccer because I have played my whole life and also in college. With pickleball and beach volleyball, I just started playing over the last couple of years and love it.
Q – You have a Master’s degree in Business Administration – is there a field or particular role you see yourself in someday?
Greco: Having my MBA, I would love to someday work in professional sports whether that be in the PWHL or somewhere else. I’ve tried a few career paths already in business but they never really stuck. Nothing makes me happier than playing hockey so I think a career in a one of the pro organizations would be really cool.
Q – Your turnaround in the “Orange-Lemon” shootout game was historic.  What did you change to your approach and should you be high on Coach Klee’s list the next time PWHL MN needs a shootout goal?
Greco: This may come as a shock but I actually did the exact same shootout move twice and they both went in. I have a signature move and I never really steer away from it. As for putting me out for the next shootout, I think I will have to win 10 more oranges before I get out there (and I’m happy about that).

Editor’s Note – The Orange-Lemon shootout game is named after the prizes for the winner and loser of the game.  The winner gets a delicious orange to consume after practice, the last player to score has to eat a lemon on the ice in front of their teammates.  Emma “enjoyed” the lemon last week on the ice and then the next game won the right to eat the orange.